Vision, Mission & Beliefs

Vision 2018 - 2023

With the guidance of the Holy Trinity, understanding and compassion, the Church of the Ascension embraces our traditional Anglican foundation and seeks to grow as a Christ-centered community, living and sharing God's love through joyful worship, celebrating the sacraments, faithful stewardship and outreach to current and future generations.


The Church of the Ascension proclaims that Jesus is Lord and Saviour.  Our congregation, through the inspiration of God, has flourished for over a century.


We open our doors to those who seek a better life.  As a traditional Anglican parish, we offer spiritual guidance and support to those who worship with us.


The spirit of Ascension is alive in our worship, music, family, fellowship and fun.


Our mission is to reach out to all in the community with the Good News.


Welcome to happiness and salvation!


We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, of one being with the Father. Through him all things were made. For us and for our salvation he came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit he became incarnate from the Virgin Mary and was made man.

For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered death and was buried. On the third day he rose again in accordance with the scriptures; he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father. With the Father and the Son, he is worshipped and glorified. He has spoken through the prophets.

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.      [The Nicene Creed arose from the Council of Nicaea, held in 325 AD]



Clergy at The Church of the Ascension devote themselves to the ministry of the church and strive, with God’s help, to pattern their lives after Christ’s teachings.  They are merciful to all, show love of God and neighbour, show compassion to the poor and strangers and defend those who have no helper.

In Anglican sacramental theology, certain ministerial functions can only be performed by ordained ministers of the sacraments ("clergy" refers to either a deacon, priest, or bishop):

  • Baptism: clergy
  • Confirmation: bishop
  • Eucharist: bishop or priest
  • Reconciliation of a penitent: bishop or priest
  • Healing (Anointing): bishop or priest
  • Matrimony: bishop or priest.


 The Reverend Canon Lance S. Smith, Rector

The Reverend Canon Smith, Rector, is the priest-in-charge who oversees all aspects of parish life at The Church of the Ascension.  He directs the worship life of the church and provides leadership, encouragement, and spiritual support in the parish and in the wider community. 


Canon Smith is responsible for all church administration which includes oversight of clergy, staff, churchwardens, Parish Council, the various groups & committees within the church and Vestry.  Canon Smith leads and encourages support of the Parish’s Mission & Ministry Plan, Vision Statement and all parish and diocesan policies and practices.


Lance S. Smith grew up in London, Ontario. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) in 1992 and a Master of Divinity in 1995 from Western University at London, Ontario.   Reverend Lance Smith was appointed to the Parish of Trinity, Simcoe in the Diocese of Huron in 1995 when he was ordained deacon and was ordained priest later that same year on the Feast of St. Andrew.  He went on to serve as Rector of St. Peter's, Dorchester and St. Barnabas', Windsor before being inducted Rector of The Church of the Ascension in January 2006. 


Canon Lance is a gifted orator who consistently offers topical, thought-provoking, intelligent, bible-based sermons.  Our parish is truly blessed by his ability to apply and make practical the lessons from Scripture and two millennia of traditional Christian worship to the realities of living in a secular society in our busy, modern era.


Since 2015, Father Lance has served as a Chaplain with the Windsor Police Service.


Father Lance is passionate about motorcycles, sports (especially ice hockey) and is involved as a player, coach and hockey dad.


Canon Lance and his wife, Paula, have lived in the Windsor area since the Fall of 2001.


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