17th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

for the week September 18th to 24th


Welcome to the Church of the Ascension.  As we enter into this new season we do so with a sense of thankfulness for the time we have been given this summer to enjoy God's creative works which surround us every day.  We give thanks for the words of scripture we meditate on and which guide and direct us in our daily lives.  We revel in the light of the gospel which reveals the immensity of God's unconditional love.  We hope and pray that this week's liturgy, the prayers, and the sense of God's holy presence in our midst will strengthen your walk with Jesus.

+Father Lance

Lectionary Readings:

From the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible


The Reverend Canon Lance Smith

Rector at The Church of The Ascension

Video messages

Canon Lance Smith's 'Reflection' program may be viewed on

COGECO "YourTV Windsor"

cable 11 and 700, on Sundays at 9 am; 10:30 am; 3 pm; 10 pm




Scripture, Tradition, Reason

We recognize the importance of tradition and reason in seeking to understand what it is that Scripture is saying.

We do not put reason or tradition over Scripture since it is the ultimate authority.

Classic Traditional Anglican services: following liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services


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